5 common types of running shoes 

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Best running shoes

If you are going to begin running then you probably want to get yourself a good pair of running shoes. But you may not know this but there are many types of running shoes, many people don’t know how they work and what makes them different to others. This makes choosing your right shoes is kind of confusing. In this post, I will give you information about 5 common types of running shoes in the market.

Motion control running shoes

Motion control shoes

If you have low arches or flat feet then this is the pair of shoes that you don’t want to miss. Because of its shape, your feet usually hit the ground with the outer edge. This makes the weight move unnaturally and could cause damage to your ankle. Motion control running shoes help redistribute the weight more even so that runner can avoid injuries. You may feel less pain and strain after your run than using other shoes.

Stability running shoes

These are designed for runners with normal or medium arches. This type of feet is very common. When running, the part from middle to the outer edge of the foot usually took the impact. A stability running shoes has everything to maintain a good run in a long time. It has a little rigid but not too much so your


feet can function normally. A little cushion that absorbs impact to make you feel more comfortable when running. These shoes have all the factor of good regular running shoes.

Cushioned running shoes

Stability running shoes

The best cushioned running shoes are perfectly designed for people with high arches. In this type of feet, the impact when running is mostly at the top and bottom of the feet. Because of the high arches, the middle part usually doesn’t hit the ground when running. Cushioned running shoes are designed to reduce the shock to the joints when you run. With the cushioned material, the shoes will be more flexible and comfortable. Because of their high arches, the runner will take more impact while running than other types of foot. This can cause some knee problems. So having a cushioned shoes is really necessary.

Road/track running shoes

Track running shoes

This type of shoes is design running on flat ground. They have a lightweight design with good cushion, balance, and stability. The runner will not feel uncomfortable from running on a hard ground for a long time. They also have a flat and thin sole for running on the road.



Trail running shoes

These shoes are used for running in difficult terrain. They are heavier than other shoes and have a thicker, bulkier sole. Sometimes it also has spikes to help the shoes to stick to the road. Trail running shoes are perfect for terrain running, they provide stability for a difficult run.

These are a few information about types of running shoes you can find. Hope you can find yourself a nice pair of running shoes.

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