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How to buy an air compressor? 

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Air compressor

Air compressor is a versatile tool. It can do many things ranging from inflating a mattress, car tires to helping you build some DIY projects. However, choosing the suitable one for you is no walk in the park with thousands of models and brand on the market. Here is our guide to make your job of buying it a bit easier.

First of all is how much money do you want to spend on this multi-purpose machine? The more money you invest, the better the machine. That is how it usually goes but you can look for discount or buy used one to save you some extra cash. Be very careful when buying it for a cheap price. If you happen to make a bargain, well done.  If not, learn from your mistakes and move on, don’t cry over rip-off machine.

How much you wanna spend

Second of all, the highest required usage of CFM, which is short for Cubic Feet per Minute. It is the measurement of the amount of air a compressor delivers, measured obviously in cubic feet per minute. Most air-powered tools have a specific volume and pressure requirements, which must be met in order for the tools to function properly. Take the tool that requires the highest amount of CFM, then add a small amount to it for safety precaution and you will know which CFM is the most suitable.
Next is whether you need portability feature or not. Think about whether you intend to move the machine around or put it dead in one place and choose accordingly. This will help you determine other factors such as size, weight, power, etc as the more powerful the machine is, the heavier it is going to be in order to contain all the necessary components, which leads to the harder it is to move it around.

In addition to that, you should take into consideration the drive system, gasoline or electricity. This will depend on the environment you are going to work in. If there is always an abundant supply of electricity, go for an electric one as it is less expensive compared to the gasoline-powered one and require less maintenance as well. However, if electrical power is in short supply, then go for a gasoline engine.

Lastly, brand name. There are a lot of company competing against one another in order to get you to buy their compressor. Therefore, if you don’t know what brand to choose from, ask yourself the following questions:

last questionsHow long has the company been in business?

Is their machine manufactured in a full line?
Do they have a reputation for their machine?

How efficient are their machines?

How long is the machine going to last?

That’s it. We hope the information was helpful. Please click here to take a look at our air compressor reviews to choose what’s best for you.

On a side notes, if you are a novice and find everything so freaking complicated, do not hesitate to ask for advice from a friend of yours or the person who inspired you to take up DIY as a hobby. They will be more than happy to help you.


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