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3 Creative Ways to Use a Reverb Pedal

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Using reverb pedal

Reverberation is a wonderful sonic effect creative by the refection of sounds wave within an enclosed large space such as a stone cathedral, a concert hall, a classroom or a ball room… Guitarists bring that effect to their playing style in order to make the rhythm more twanging, warmer and friendlier. Reverb is also a technique to give the spatial feelings to audiences. That’s the reasons why the reverb pedal was born since the late 30’s.

Reverb pedalBelow you will find the most common kinds of reverb pedal algorithms which imitate the hall, the room reverberation. There are other reverb algorithms such as shimmer, reverse, reverb w/modulation, tape reverb and reverb w/feedback.

  • The Hall algorithm – similar to sounds reflected within a long and narrow corridor. This algorithm concerns long sounding decays. It’s also the most popular among the three mentioned algorithms.
  • The Room algorithm – akin to the Hall algorithm but shorter sounding decays, just like you are playing guitar inside a studio room.

If you are totally new to guitar pedals, let’s give it a try. At the beginning of your practice, don’t waste your money in the top high-end reverb pedals. Purchase best cheap reverb pedal which can also work very well and create wonderful sonic effects.

Let’s the modulated reverb change the way that we are playing guitar Using reverb pedal to play guitar

1991, in My Bloody Valentine’s masterpiece – Loveless, the liquid-lava effect performed by Kevin Shield or the dripping wet rain cats and dogs tone played in A Storm in Heaven, a song of The Verse’s album proved how the best guitarist get the best out of reverb pedal. They use the modulated reverb pedals which sometimes remind us of the phantom, bizarre and otherworldly things.

Now you can easily enjoy the creative, funny and unique reverberation by using the Eventide’s Space, Strymon Big Sky,  Hardwire’s Ambient Verb or Mr. Black’s Supermoon Reverb Pedal.

This pedal can even create subtle sound. To achieve that, what you need to do is add up a movement touch form the modulation control and then shut down the blend and decay effect of your modulation reverb pedal.

How to add sustain to notes without hips of gain?

Before the compressor was invented, guitar players have to crank up the tube amp or add some drenched spring reverb to the signal in order to bring sustain to notes.  How to add sustain to notes without hips of gain? 

Now, you can easily add sustain to notes with the help of Mad Professor Silver Spring Reverb, Boss FRV-1, Malekko Chicklet or Solid Gold FX Surf Rider Deluxe Reverb Pedals.

Reverb pedal helps control the room ambiance

Some people will ask a very common question which is “when you play guitar in a room, why do you need a reverb pedal?” So what will happen if the room isn’t suitable? When you play guitar in this room, the sound could be horribly shrill or even worse, the reverberation could be dead if the room is full of people. In this case, a good room reverb pedal with a tone control or a hi-cut knob would be very useful.

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