What is the difference between a duvet and a comforter

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What is the difference between a duvet and a comforter

One of the most common questions that everyone always curious about when buying a new comforter or duvet is that are there any differences between these two. If there is then what is it? And if there aren’t any differences then why we called them duvet and comforter?

Usage and size

Usage and size

Firstly, they’re both used for bedding and keeping you warm. The comforter is often placed on top of the bed sheet and it always has a larger size than the bed. And the duvet has a slightly different role compare to the comforter. Duvet also can be put on the bed sheet and served as a comforter. Or sometime, it could be put on top of the comforter as a bedding. The duvet often comes with a duvet cover that could use as a decoration and protection for your duvet. The comforter sometimes comes with a thin cover but not very often though.


The filling can be from typical material like natural fiber, synthetic material like polyester, natural down, and alternative down. If you’re looking for the best alternative down comforter, try restjudge. Back to the topic, while the synthetic material may be cheap but I always recommend you use the natural down product since they’ll give your better experience as well as they’ll last longer. Fill power in a comforter often higher than a duvet and that’s the reason why comforters are often used in cold areas as a winter blanket. The duvet, on the other hand, has a lower fill power that allows them to maintain the light weight. This makes duvet a great choice for a year-round blanket.


Most comforters are machine washable, which means you could just put your entire comforter on a washing machine. But with the duvet, it depends on how your duvet was made, you may or may not wash yours with the machine. You may have to remove the cover first before you could clean your duvet. And remember to clean your duvet cover too since this is the dirtiest part.


The cost for these products are various bases on the size, fill power, and fill material. But in my opinion, a comforter often cost more than a duvet. It’s not because that duvet is made with cheaper material. The reason is that people mostly choose a comforter for a cold winter blanket. While the duvet is often used as a year-round product. So with the comforter, the always make it with a high fill power which will result in more material. And the duvet will often have a lighter fill power. Make sense, isn’t it?

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